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Fais claquer les basses!

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Mogwai, This Will Destroy You, 65 Days Of Static, Caspian, Russian Circles, Zombi, ASIWYFA, A Silver Mt Zion, Godspeed You, Pink Floyd
Kyuss, Dinosaur Jr, Radiohead, Calexico, Totorro, Reuben, Chokebore, Arcade Fire, Portishead
Refused, Snapcase, RATM, Deftones, Tool, Beastie Boys, NIN, Faith No More, ATDI, Helmet
Burning Heads, Seven Hate, NOFX, Pennywise, Propagandhi, Hot Water Music, Rancid, Fugazi, Gorilla Biscuit
Orchid, Birds In Row
Comeback Kid, Punch, Madball, Defeater, Right 4 Life, Converge, Kickback, Cult Of Luna
Motorhead, Slayer, Nostromo, Entombed



N'aime pas



"The Walking Dead" Robert Kirkman
"ZAT" Hakim Bey
"Le Meilleur Des Mondes" Aldous Huxley
"Les Annales Du BEP Maître Du Monde 1977"

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Youth Avoiders/Old Gray/Totorro/Carne/Meat Wave


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Exmortus - Ride Forth
Ghost - Meliora

Ghost - Meliora

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