Don Jamieson, Power and the glorigolade - Denim & Laughter

Don Jamieson, Power and the glorigolade - Denim & Laughter (actualité)

On connaît désormais la liste des morceaux du prochain album de comédien Don Jamieson, Denim & Laughter qui sortira le 21 février via Metal Blade.


1. Drinking Buddy, Hipster Jizz & Gluten-Free Keith Richards

2. Miserable Sober, Booze Rehab & Liquid Cocaine

3. Chevy Sativa, a Yankee Candle & Stonehenge

4. The Greatest Country, Wife-Beaters & Aliens

5. Tea Tree Shampoo & Adam Levine's Nipples

6. That Metal Show, Hi-Def Porn & P.C. Bands

7. Alice & Ozzy, Zakk Wylde & Buzztightrear

8. Black Sabbath, Gwar, & a Bloody Good Flight

9. Stone Cold, a Sporty Ford Fusion, Rock out with Your C*ck Out

10. Roast on the Range, She's Only 17

11. Billy Ray, Little League, Prison Time

12. Mounting Mary, Serial Killers, Death by Bus

13. Gorilla Sex, Spitting, Banana Tits

14. Gender Fluid, D.N.A. Test, Anal Fetish

15. Fake News & the Return of the Sporty Ford Fusion

photo de Papy Cyril
le 22/01/2020