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Flying donuts est un groupe ou artiste , chroniqué 1 fois sur le webzine.


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Flying donuts - Until the morning comes (chronique)

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Flying donuts - juillet 2009 (Interview)


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Albums :

"Last straight line" - Février 2002
"Renewed Attack" - Mars 2006
"Until the morning comes" - Juin 2009

Ep / Splits / Compilations :

"This machine makes loud records"
"Back Off ep "
"This machine kills emo-kids"
"Visit starts here"
"Mighty Worm compilation"
"Tribute au Sheriff"
"Emo glam connection 1 2 et 3"
"The Kaiser save the Parisian rock"
"Last Exit To Poitiers"
"A tribute to Dischord Records"
"Punk Story"
"Pop core'n"
"A soft compilation"
"That's the way cookie (still) crumbles"


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