Dream Theater dévoile la pochette et la tracklist de son nouvel album

Dream Theater sera de retour dans les bacs en début d'année prochaine. The Astonishing sera le treizième album du groupe. Le groupe partira ensuite en tournée où il jouera ce nouvel opus en entier à chaque concert.

Act 1


  1. Descent of the NOMACS"
  2. "Dystopian Overture"
  3. "The Gift of Music"
  4. "The Answer"
  5. "A Better Life"
  6. "Lord Nafaryus"
  7. "A Savior in the Square"
  8. "When Your Time Has Come"
  9. "Act of Faythe"
  10. "Three Days"
  11. "The Hovering Sojourn"
  12. "Brother, Can You Hear Me?"
  13. "A Life Left Behind"
  14. "Ravenskill"
  15. "Chosen"
  16. "A Tempting Offer"
  17. "Digital Discord"
  18. "The X Aspect"
  19. "A New Beginning"
  20. "The Road to Revolution"


Act 2

  1. "2285 Entr'acte"
  2. "Moment of Betrayal"
  3. "Heaven's Cove"
  4. "Begin Again"
  5. "The Path That Divides"
  6. "Machine Chatter"
  7. "The Walking Shadow"
  8. "My Last Farewell"
  9. "Losing Faythe"
  10. "Whispers on the Wind"
  11. "Hymn of a Thousand Voices"
  12. "Our New World"
  13. "Power Down"
  14. "Astonishing"
le 03/12/2015






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