Imperial State Electric du gros son partout

Imperial State Electric du gros son partout  (actualité)

On connaît enfin la date de sortie de Anywhere loud, le double live de Imperial State Electric et ça sera le 16 février. L'album sortira en CD et double vinyle (noir, doré et orange transparent avec des marbrures) via Psychout records/ Sound Pollution


1 It Aint What You Think (It's What You Want)
2 Empire Of Fire
3 Deja Vu
4 All Through The Night
5 Anywhere Loud
6 Deride And Conquer
7 Apologize
8 Break It Down
9 More Than Enough Of Your Love
10 Just Let Me Know
11 Faustian Bargains
12 Holiday From My Vacation
13 Down In The Bunker
14 Cant Seem To Shake It Off My Mind
15 Stay The Night
16 Redemption's Gone
17 Uh Huh
18 Reptile Brain
19 All Over My Head
20 Sonic Reducer (Dead Boys)
21 I'll Let You Down
22 This Is Rock 'N Roll (Kids)
23 Throwing Stones

le 23/11/2017






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